Tuesday, October 02, 2012
By Elaine Nord

While rainy days on the game sidelines produce wild looks of wet hair and grass stained clothing, rainy days in the garden create beautiful images with a quietness to them.

I recently had the opportunity to visit and photograph a friend's fabulous yard in the rain.  While Autumn is not the most colorful time for any garden, this one had so many layers of color and texture.  A great day to photograph.  This gem of a landscape had surprises at every turn.  From the Roses to the Hydrangeas to the Trumpet Vines, Anemones and the just ripened Strawberries!  

Monday, May 21, 2012
By Elaine Nord

Watching a game in person is a personal thing. It's a choice to be a fan.   Shooting a game from the sidelines gives the photographer a multitude of stories.  Of course there's the game, but there are pictures of players, fans and reactions that may tell us a story that rivals the competition on the field.  This blog post is about the stories of the day.

I had the opportunity to head up to Amherst to shoot the UMASS v Colgate Mens Lax game which was one of the First Round games of the 2012 NCAA Men's Lax Championships.  As a UMASS graduate of many years ago, I had the chance to enjoy the Rte 9 traffic through South Hadley which was worsened by the fact that it was Commencement Weekend!

The game was a mix of UMASS first half blowout scoring and a tight race in the second half with the Colgate Men challenging and ultimately beating the Minutemen!  The game included hard hitting and finesse.  It was a rare opportunity to see two Tewaaraton Trophy finalists playing in the same game.  Peter Baum(#15 Colgate) and Will Manny(#1 UMASS) are exceptional players and each team did their best to lessen these two players impact.

Because of the sun, the best photo shots tend to be from the team sidelines so it's crowded.  I did venture to the "other side" in the second quarter.  I call it that as the sideline is at the start of the "hill".  It's the UMASS student section made of grass and it is legendary.  The fans were loud. The cheering was great, the taunting was real.  There's nothing like the UMASS hill sideline.  Pity the poor opposition who must take the ball from their sideline.  Because of the terrain, the fans can come right up to the field(behind the yellow rope, of course), but it is loud and boisterous.  I got some great shots while shooting into the sun, but it's lonely over there(except for the crowd wanting their picture taken)!

While I love team celebration shots, I got these great shots of the Colgate player(#45 Denis Brown) running to the sideline to lift his little friend, brother, nephew(who knows) into the air in total excitement over the big win.  As a Mom on Mother's Day weekend, I just had to share it with you!