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Elaine Nord Creative includes Landscape Images and Studio Created Lightpaintings. My Landscape Gallery includes flowers and vegetables. Most are created using available light, but some of my florals are enhanced with flash. My landscapes are available Dry Mounted in 8x10 ($50.00) and 12x18 (75.00) plus tax and shipping."Peachtree After Snow" (Hartford Courant I-Towns) is $75.00 dry mounted 8x10 and $100.00 dry mounted 12x18 plus tax and shipping. All are signed.Lightpaintings are created in a dark studio with a timed exposure with alternate/nonflash lighting applied in varied amounts. I use familiar objects to create a dramatic feeling. Objects may be put in motion to create an additional mood. Ask my friends, I sometimes am lost for hours creating these pieces! My Christmas series includes hand made topiaries and crystal ornaments. Please take a look under my Creative section. One of my favorite Lightpaintings is titled, "Church and State". A political statement . What do you think it means?All are available for sale. Each 12x18 Lightpainting is Dry Mounted and signed. $150.00 each plus tax and shipping.

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